Research Structure

The principal investigators (PIs) of the protein research department are recruited from scientists of the faculties biology and biotechnology, chemistry and biochemistry, physics and astronomy, as well as medicine, including clinical researchers.

The PRD is divided into three specialist fields, which closely cooperate. In specialist field A (biological foundations of protein research), the expertise lies in the area of biological questions, while specialist field B (platform technologies in protein research) holds the expertise in methodological approaches. In specialist field C, the results are to be adapted into the (pre-)clinical research.

The accompanying figure explains the functional partition within the PRD and gives the names of the responsible PIs.


The PRD was founded in January 2009 around the SFBs 642 (GTP and ATP-dependent Membrane Processes; spokesman: Klaus Gerwert) and 480 (Molecular Biology of Complex Functions in Botanical Systems; spokesman: Ulrich Kück) as part of the future concept "Research Campus" in order to support excellent research. The founding was financially supported through fund by the Ministry for innovation, Science, Research, and Technology of the state Northrhine-Westphalia.

The protein Research Department is led by the speaker (Prof. Dr. Ralf Erdmann), who took over the position in 2020 from Klaus Gerwert, who headed the PRD since its founding. The speaker is supported in his tasks by the steering committee (Prof. Dr. Klaus Gerwert, Prof. Dr. Thomas Günther-Pomorksi, Prof. Dr. Katrin Marcus, Prof. Dr. Franz Narberhaus) and the science manager (Dr. Markus Rudowitz). All important issues are discussed in the biannual members’ meeting and decisions are made by all present members of the protein research department together.

Next to the Principle Investigators, there are Young Scientists as well as associated members. PhD students of the PRD are involved within the RUB Research School, where they benefit from an interdisciplinary training program.


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