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RDN Colloquium Schedule 2016 - Young Scientist Colloquium

In June 2016 we will restart the RDN-Colloquia in a new format.
Young neuroscientists from the RUB will present their research work in short talks.
One topic- 3 to 4 talks from different working groups.

All RDN-colloquia will take place at 16.00 ct in the IGSN seminar room FNO 01/117.

  • 20. February 2017
    Neural basis on extinction learning, emotional behaviour and anxiety disorders

    The neural circuit underlying extinction learning in pigeons - evidence from pharmacological studies
    Meng Gao
    , Daniel Lengersdorf, Maik Stüttgen, Onur Güntürkün

    Spatial memory extinction differentially affects dorsal and ventral hippocampal metabolic activity and associated functional brain networks.
    Marta Méndez-Couz
    , Héctor González-Pardo, Guillermo Vallejo, Jorge L. Arias, Nélida M. Conejo, Denise Manahan-Vaughan

    Neural mechanisms mediating the cortisol induced return of fear
    Valerie L. Kinner
    , Oliver T. Wolf, Christian J. Merz



  • 24. October 2016
    How do we perceive the world around us? On faces, bodies and spatial relations

    Marisa Nordt, MSc (Developmental Neuropsychology, Department of Psychology, RUB)
    How children and adults represent individual faces despite image variation: An fMRI adaptation study

    Dr. Denise Soria Bauser (Department of Neuropsychology, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, RUB)
    Is the whole the sum of its parts? Configural processing of headless bodies in the right fusiform gyrus

    Mathis Richter, MSc (Embodied Cognition Group, Institute for Neuroinformatics, RUB)
    Toward the grounding of language in a neural-dynamic model



  • 27. June 2016
    Synaptic and neural support of brain plasticity and memory

    Dr. Hardy Hagena (Department of Neurophysiology, RUB)
    The unique role of CA3 in learning and memory

    Dr. John Kudolo (Department of Neurophysiology, RUB)
    Synaptic tagging: creating associative memories

    Zohre Azimi, MSc (Institute for Neuroinformatics, RUB)
    Stimulating and recording neuronal activity with light

    Egor Dzyubenko, MSc (Department of Cell Morphology & Molecular Neurobiology, RUB)
    Neuron-Glia interactions in neural plasticity: Contributions of neural extracellular matrix and perineuronal nets



07.11.2016 - IGSN-Symposium
Title: "New Perspectives on Olfaction"

Speakers: Jay Gottfried, Thomas Hummel, Johan Lundström

Host: Boris Suchan
(Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Department of Neuropsychology, RUB)

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Outreach activities of the SFB 874

On 14th of September “Brain Day 2016” took place.
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Special Events

09.12.2016 - IGSN Graduation Day 2016

12.04.2016 - SFB 874 / IGSN Conference 2016

04.12.2015 - IGSN Graduation Day 2015

06.06.2015 - Blaupause

28.04.2015 - SFB 874 / IGSN Conference 2015

05.12.2014 - IGSN Graduation Day 2014

01.04.2014 - IGSN Conference 2014

06.12.2013 - IGSN Graduation Day 2013

04.03.2013 - IGSN-Conference 2013: Learning and Memory

07.12.2012 - IGSN Graduation Day 2012

26.04.2012 - IGSN-RDN-Konferenz 2012

09.12.2011 - IGSN Graduation Day 2011

04.05.2011 - The DAAD Alumni Spring School 2011

03.12.2010 - IGSN Graduation Day 2010

26.11.2010 - NRW Young Scientist Award 2010

23.09.2010 - 2. Bochum Stem Cell Forum 2010

07.09.2010 - Neuro-Visionen 6

09.03.2010 - NovoBrain Conference 2010

13.01.2010 - A Flash of Inspiration

15.12.2009 - IGSN Graduation Day 2009

26.11.2009 - NRW Young Scientist Award 2009

03.09.2009 - Neuro-Visionen 5

26.06.2009 - Lit Lounge

06.04.2009 - Brain Week 2009

16.02.2009 - NovoBrain Conference 2009